French club returns for a second year filled with special events


Photo courtesy of Ella Rafferty

Students gather in the front lawn during lunch for a picnic with French pastries, including chocolate eclairs.

Ana Lunaparra, Staff Reporter

Senior and president of the French club Ella Rafferty plans to make the most of her last year leading the club, with a variety of creative activities focused on bringing more French culture to the school. 

Although Rafferty, who has long loved the country of France, brainstormed the club as a sophomore, it fully emerged last year. Over the course of the year, the club gained popularity, and recent meetings hosted over 20 participants.

“Anybody can join,” Rafferty said. “The overall goal is for [students] to experience more of French culture. It’s a club where they can get to know new people with no French required.”

During meetings, held once or twice a month, members often play trivia games, listen to French music, try new food and learn various French phrases.

Senior Anna Way has attended meetings since the club’s beginning and has had many positive experiences along the way.

“Because I speak French and I was taking an AP French course online at the time [I joined], I thought it was a great way to practice in-person,” Way said. “I also enjoy practicing my French during meetings because I don’t know many people who speak the language, and I want to keep that skill going. We don’t have French at school, so it’s nice to bring a part of that through the club.”

While some participants look forward to enhancing their speaking skills, others particularly enjoy the cultural aspects. 

“I joined because my mom is from Montreal originally and speaks French,” senior Chiara La Mark said. “I really love the culture. I’m also French on my dad’s side, and I especially liked the idea of French music and food.” 

La Mark encourages students to attend future meetings, and Rafferty has begun to plan novel events for the fall.

“I was thinking it’d be a good idea to take the club members on a field trip to the new French restaurant on Burlingame Avenue that recently opened,” Rafferty said.