Royal Donut, a staple among students, expands menu with new items


Stefan Couloures

An unwrapped barbeque pork banh mi sandwich rests on a table in the Royal Donut Shop on October 31.

Stefan Couloures, Staff Reporter

Unlike the rest of the country, Burlingame doesn’t run on Dunkin’ — it runs on The Original Royal Donut. Situated just steps away from the front doors of campus, this tiny restaurant has fueled generations of before-school get-togethers, after-school study sessions and post-game celebrations. Now, it is expanding its reliable menu with a wider selection of food choices, including banh mi sandwiches and boba tea.

Store manager Chharvy Chou added the items in the early months of 2022, but it wasn’t until recently that they  became popular staples for students. During the weekdays, Panthers frequently pick up a sandwich or boba drink after school. Chou said the location of the store attracts students looking for a quick pick-me-up.

“It’s close by the school and only takes one minute to walk here,” Chou said. “Before they go home, they can stop by the Donut and get a boba tea or a sandwich.”

As Chou alluded to, the store is no longer just a breakfast spot. The banh mi sandwiches — especially the barbeque pork — are now one of the hottest food choices for locals who want a stomach-satisfying meal or students looking to rejuvenate themselves after a long day of school. To accompany the banh mi, customers can now quench their thirst with a trendy and refreshing boba drink.

“After we added the banh mi and boba tea, we have brought a lot more customers,” Chou said. “When they come in the morning they like the doughnuts and coffee and breakfast sandwiches and croissants, and then we have the banh mi for lunchtime and the boba tea. It’s good.”

Sophomore Anders Gauthier has had the banh mi sandwiches multiple times and gulped down many Boba tea drinks, as he frequently visits the donut shop after school. According to Gauthier, neither are the best in town, but the accessibility and price makes both items a solid purchase.

A strawberry milk boba tea sits atop a table outside the Royal Donut Shop on October 31. (Stefan Couloures)

“[The sandwiches are] definitely a lot easier to get to because of the ease of access to it, as well as [they are] pretty cheap,” Gauthier said. “They’re good…it’s hard to get to other places.”

While the banh mi sandwiches and boba tea are here to stay, the store has temporarily jumped on the pumpkin bandwagon with a special fall season donut. This treat tops a regular glazed donut with an overload of pumpkin crumbs and vanilla icing. Freshman Geovanna Ramos has tried the donut before and appreciates the fall snack.

“I really liked the pumpkin crumbs,” Ramos said. “They add a lot of flavor and personality to the donuts, and it’s really good. It’s original.”

While the pumpkin donut is only available in October, it remains a popular item each year. 

Just a block away from Burlingame, and now with breakfast and lunchtime food and drinks, don’t expect the Royal Donut to slow down any time soon.