4th Period Classes Take on the Mannequin Challenge

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Throughout the last month, 4th-period classes have participated in the mannequin challenge, a video challenge that has gone viral involving a group of people who pose as mannequins while music plays in the background. Many submissions were submitted, and Señor Held’s 4th-period class ended up creating the winning video. As a reward, the class will be receiving donut holes this week during class.

BHS Leadership originally came up with the idea incorporating the mannequin challenge at school. After the idea was developed, the Red and White Society took over and implemented the activity. Club co-president Allison Sullivan Wu says, “the purpose of our club is to improve students life at BHS and create a more spirited and fun environment. So, this event’s purpose was to do just that.” With the help of the Red and White Society and the willingness of 4th-period classes, the mannequin challenge was a fun activity that encouraged unity among students.

Wu hopes that students “enjoyed making the videos and that BHS students will enjoy watching the submissions.” Members of the Red and White Society, such as Wu, are pleased with the results of the mannequin challenge, and hope to continue using fun, creative activities to promote spirit.