Drake scores yet another #1 hit with ‘Her Loss’


Photo courtesy of the artist

Drake and 21 Savage have collaborated before on hit songs like “Knife Talk” and “Jimmy Cooks,” both of which were released by Drake.

Brinda Iyer, Copy Editor

Much to the delight of rap enthusiasts everywhere, popular rappers Drake and 21 Savage released “Her Loss,” their highly-anticipated 16-track studio album, on Nov. 4.

“Her Loss” debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200, marking Drake’s 12th time securing first place and 21 Savage’s third. All 16 tracks — none of which had been released as singles — debuted within the Hot 100’s top 40.

Drake and Savage recorded 11 of the tracks together, but five of the songs were solo projects by either rapper.

Canadian rapper Drake is widely popular for his albums “Certified Lover Boy,” “Honestly, Nevermind,” “Scorpion” and “More Life.” He also started the October’s Very Own (OVO)  Sound record label, which has been used by artists like PartyNextDoor.

21 Savage is another artist to achieve high levels of success. Savage has collaborated with several high-end artists, most famously featured on Post Malone’s “rockstar,” which has racked up billions of streams across all platforms.Overall, I thought this album was a really great listening experience. Solid hooks and catchy rhythms rounded out each of the songs, and as we’ve seen on viral hits like “Jimmy Cooks” and “Knife Talk” from Drake’s past two respective albums, Savage and Drake are a highly impressive rapping team.

One of my favorites from the album had to be “P**** & Millions.” The steady beat and memorable lyrics like “They say more money, more problems / Bring on the problems” practically ensure that the song gets stuck in your head for the rest of the day. This song has the only outside collaboration in the entire album — Astroworld creator Travis Scott.

Another song I liked was “Broke Boys.” The change of tempo midway through keeps things interesting. This song is fun and fast-paced, and I found myself going back and listening to it multiple times.

Two more notable tracks were “Major Distribution” and “Circo Loco”. “Major Distribution” starts with a short melodious portion that feels refreshing amidst the energetic atmosphere throughout the album. The quick-moving beat on “Circo Loco” brings a lively, intriguing energy to the album. Both songs include a steady rap portion with stable rhythms that would appeal to any fan of the genre.

Ultimately, I’d give “Her Loss” a comprehensive rating of 8/10. All the songs were good (with a few standouts) and unique – nothing was repetitive or dry, a common pitfall of rap. The songs worked cohesively, with catchy beats complementing spot-on vocals. With every new track, Drake and 21 Savage are proving themselves to be a formidable duo, and I’m already eager for their next collaboration.