Vishu Prathikanti, Editor-in-Chief

Linda Stephenson, the face of the Royal Donut, is familiar to many BHS students when they walk in to buy donuts after school.

 Linda Stephesnson
Linda Stephesnson’s smile is a familiar greeting to many when they walk into the Royal Donut

“I’ve been working here for about 14 and a half years now,” Stephenson said. “I love it here. My employers are wonderful, and most of the high schoolers are good. I just have so many wonderful friendships here.”

In her time here, Stephenson has seen all walks of life, and sometimes refers to herself as something akin to a bartender.

“Everybody’s got a story who walks in here,” Stephenson said. “I could write a book, and that’s the truth. Some are really nice. One girl whose brother passed away came in and talked with me for a long time. That was about 5 years ago, and the brother went [to BHS].”

Stephenson has even met some celebrities in her time at the shop.

“Jim Harbaugh came in with his two kids a couple of times,” she recalled. “After he was recognized, he became very nice. He signed all our autographs, and bought all the kids ice cream — back when we still had ice cream.”

Stephenson is a familiar and welcoming face to many Burlingame High School students, including junior Wesley Chen, who frequently bought donuts for the robotics team as a snack for their after-school meetings last year.

“She’s just a really nice person,” Chen said. “I often place these huge and inconvenient orders with regards to how I ask for a box and then I take specific donuts since I order for everyone on the robotics team. Except, she’s always really patient about it. She lets me take my time when counting out individual dollar bills, and she never seems to mind when I give out 19 one dollar bills.”

As a final remark, Stephenson said, “I’m gonna work here till I can’t work anymore. I talked to my boss and she agrees with that.”