Of twists, turns and treasure hunts, the Pogues are back with a third season of “Outer Banks”


Photo courtesy of Netflix

Season 3 of “Outer Banks” follows John B’s quest to find El Dorado, the city of gold.

Brinda Iyer, Copy Editor

On Feb. 23, everyone’s favorite gang of teenage troublemakers returned for another action-packed adventure in Season 3 of “Outer Banks.” The torturous wait is over, and our Pogues are picking up right where they left off, in typical “Outer Banks” fashion — with a treasure hunt. And it didn’t disappoint.

“Outer Banks” (OBX) has been making waves in the Gen-Z world, reaching millions of young adults worldwide with its signature beach setting and unrealistically exciting storyline. The show revolves around one tightly knit group of misfits. The Pogues, who have had fans swooning since the show’s release, are fun-loving, thrill-seeking ride-or-dies, making the best of what they have but always yearning for more. The Pogues, John B, Kiara, JJ, Pope, Sarah and newcomer Cleo, frequently find themselves at odds with the more privileged Kooks. Whether they’re evading Sarah’s crazy Kook family (including her violent brother, Rafe, and her greedy father, Ward), or chasing down a new treasure (in Season 1 it was gold that had been lost at sea, and in Season 2 it was Pope’s family’s golden cross), the Pogues never fail to entertain their viewers by filling them with that classic summer adrenaline. Season 3 follows John B as he searches for El Dorado, a city of gold.

From the season’s first episode, I was hooked. For the two days following Season 3’s release, I lived and breathed for the show, binging episode after episode, riveted by the familiar OBX thrill. The first episode set the table for the rest of the season, introducing the main conflict and new characters, and giving viewers just enough intensity to keep them captivated.

I love the Pogues’ group dynamic, which is why I was disappointed to see a lack of it in the new season. John B spends most of the season being secretive with his friends, either off on a personal journey or spending time with Sarah. I wish that the Pogues had been able to stick together throughout the season, but with that being said, I liked how everything tied up at the end of the final episode.

One thing that I did love about the season was the consistent character development. To name a few, Pope, Rafe and Topper each had momentous changes of heart at some point in the season, pushing them all in new directions. Although Cleo’s only been a Pogue for one season, I thought her character was amazing for a variety of reasons. She was the new brains of the operation, contributing ideas and helping out where she could. Additionally, she supported Pope well, getting him out of tough spots and reasoning with him when he wasn’t seeing clearly. I’m glad to see that she’ll be sticking around. It was nice to see the side characters getting the attention they deserved, and it added dimension to the show.

In particular, I loved the development in JJ and Kiara’s relationship. The ups and downs of their friendship — which took a big step in Episode 9 — were very interesting and made for an enjoyable side plot.

10 hour-long episodes might sound tedious, but with OBX, it was anything but. That’s not to say I enjoyed every minute. The show was boring at times, especially in the middle. Additionally, with a recurring theme as the main plot — the Pogues wanting to get rich, so they hunt for new treasure — it can get repetitive. But when it did, I would almost instantly be pulled back into the soapy teen drama, laughing at the characters’ ridiculously rash decisions and anxiously waiting for the surprises that I knew would be right around the corner. On that topic, this season had plenty of shocking twists and turns, with unexpected heroes and villains popping up left and right.

The final episode was, as usual, the best one. The last 15 minutes were actually the most climactic, and had me on the edge of my seat, eager to learn how everything would turn out. Additionally, the foreshadowing at the end of the finale made me desperately wish that Season 4, which OBX has already been renewed for, was already available.

Overall, I’d give the third season of “Outer Banks” a comprehensive rating of 8/10. With a tense, melodramatic main plot and fun side storylines, fans who have followed the sunkissed show from Season 1 will not be disappointed. I’m already anticipating the Pogues’ future adventures, and I’m excited to see where they’ll go next. 

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