Students share fashion tips for this year’s prom dresses


Photo courtesy of Morgan Patch

Senior Morgan Patch radiated beauty in her sophisticated yet playful tulle dress during last year’s prom at City Hall.

Ruby Rosenquist, Staff Reporter

Hey high schoolers, Gossip Girl here… and I have the biggest news of the season. Prom is fast approaching and Burlingame is bursting with chatter about the big night. With an event as monumental as prom, casual wear is unacceptable. But don’t let that mascara run just yet — there’s nothing Gossip Girl enjoys more than giving fashion tips. 

What will junior Lara Ryzhikova, senior Morgan Patch and senior Anya Podkaminer be wearing? That’s one secret I’ll never tell. However, just keep on pampering, and maybe they will drop some hints… or even divulge a little bit of their own fashion advice.

“I personally am not a huge fan of the current fashion trends and really avoid the typical ruffled or scrunched dresses that I see very often,” Ryzhikova said. “All I can say is that my dress [is] a little more old school.”

Gone are the days when big bows and elbow-length gloves were all the rage — Ryzhikova’s approach to vintage fashion seems more classy and chic. Is black the new shine, shimmer and sparkle? For Ryzhikova, going for a simpler look feels more sophisticated.

Nevertheless, the centennial theme for this year’s prom serves up a delightful platter of glitz and gold. According to Teen Vogue — the encyclopedia for all things fashion — iridescent fabrics are glamorous, not overpowering. Patch, for one, is all in on the flashy glamor.    

“I’ve always been a little bit more outside of the box when it comes to fashion,” Patch said. “I would definitely say that I’m a girly girl because I’m all for the sparkles.”

Unlike Ryzhikova, Patch has chosen a dress with a pop of color doused in glitter. Word from Patch is that bold is best, but the corset bodice of her dress speaks volumes. Maybe Ryzhikova is right that “old school” — or shall I say the Victorian era — styles always seem to make an appearance.

“I think that plain, silk [dresses] are super pretty too,” Patch said. “The kind of dresses that never go out of style really make me think that all prom dress [fashion] is great.”

Ryzhikova says effortless charm. Patch says gilded brilliance. The timeless theme allows for all of the above, leaving us girls with no other choice but to consult our best friends.

“I value my personal preferences but would have been so lost [in the shopping process] without my mom,” Ryzhikova said. “My mom is my best friend and greatest fashion advisor. She went with me to try on dresses.”

Sometimes abandoning the current trends and turning to a best friend for suggestions is what makes shopping less stressful and more exhilarating. At the end of the day, that is what prom is all about: feeling confident and getting out on the dance floor.

“I don’t want my dress to restrict me from dancing with my friends and having a good time,” Patch said. “Last year, I definitely went for looks over comfort and regretted it.”

Getting fed up with the shopping process is like worrying about an A-. Ryzhikova and Patch are not the only ones who agree that prom dresses are a great means of self-expression.

“I think a lot of people just get dresses that they think will fit in or follow a trend,” Podkaminer said. “It’s really cool though to see people that choose dresses that are outside the scope of what you would normally see. Something that reflects them.”

So go make that heroic entrance, feeling gorgeous in the dress you chose. Just don’t be one of those girls scouring the racks at the last second. You know you love me… XOXO Gossip Girl.