BHS Edition Crossword

Claire Hunt, Managing Editor


1. Where leadership sells BHS apparel and event tickets.

2. This University of Wisconsin alum made BHS his home four years ago.

3. These apple products are widely unpopular among teachers, but can be seen in the possession of students across campus.

5. The controversial new addition to this year’s Wednesday and Thursday schedules. 

8. The school mascot, who appears at rallies and leadership events, _ Panther.

9. This Burlingame institution is a popular coffee and breakfast spot for BHS students, mainly because of its proximity to campus and low prices.

10. The Burlingame chapter of this international service organization is on 990 Burlingame Ave. 

12. This campus supervisor is famous for his mode of transportation and his reputation as being the messenger of bad news. 

14. The controversial new addition to this year’s Wednesday and Thursday schedules. 

15. The street adjacent to the football field; also the name of the convenience market right by the school. 



4. The spring play. 

6. Technically the B building, this campus staple is home to thousands of books and a large chessboard. 

7. Our school’s colors are red and __. 

11. While this art is widely ignored at BHS, the A-building is full of __.

13. An alternative to the traditional high school experience, where students can accumulate college credits while being enrolled at BHS.

16. This teacher has worked at school the longest, with over 20 years under his belt.

17. This trophy of football excellence has been in the possession of BHS for almost 10 years. 

18. The lavatories in this building are often shut down by administration due to misuse, much to the avail of students.

19. These avian members of the BHS community like to congregate in the senior quad after lunch. 

20. The daily news broadcast




1. Spirit Shack

2. Belzer

3. Airpods

5. Flex Time

8. Peter

9. Royal Donut

10. Lions Club

12. Jim

14. Canvas

15. Oak Grove



4. Puffs

6. Library

7. White

11. Murals

13. Middle Colleg3

16. Balmy

17. The Paw

18. C Building

19. Seagulls

20. BTV