Environmental Club President, Cate Cattano adapts club to online learning


Photo courtesy of environmental club

The environmental club has a new logo this year as a result of new leadership

Allison Szetu, Design Editor

Distance learning has taken opportunities away from clubs to do volunteer work and fundraise, and the Environmental Club is no exception. Normally, the Environmental Club hosts the Citizens Environmental Council film festival, holds community cleanups and offers volunteering opportunities for its members.However, with COVID-19 halting their ability to meet, the Environmental Club has had to shift their normal schedule around in order to adjust to the pandemic’s demands. 


“It’s been different with the meetings because they were a lot more social before quarantine… we’re trying to find ways to get everyone involved,” club president Cate Cattano said. 


While the pandemic has made collaboration and scheduling events more difficult, Cattano is setting goals for the upcoming year. She explains that the club is still trying to make some of the annual events happen.


“We’re gonna make [the film fest] happen whether it’s in person or not… We’re also thinking about doing an art competition for this semester because the film festival normally happens around March or April… that’ll be a lot easier because [anyone] can draw at home so that’s something we’re gonna start working on really soon,” Cattano said. 


The club has already done a beach cleanup near Coyote Point and are hoping to continue to schedule more cleanups throughout the year. 


“Personally, that’s the most rewarding thing because you can see and feel the change that you are making,” Cattano said.