Diving back into the swim season


Amanda Nolan

The varsity swim team practices their relay dives for their relay-based swim meets this season.

Amanda Nolan, Social Media Coordinator

Splash! The Burlingame swim team dives back into the pool to start their spring 2022 season. With an unprecedented season last year, with virtual meets and no teams to race against, the swim team hopes for an uninterrupted season. 

“I just want to have one normal season,” varsity swim coach Dennis Clement said. “That’s the big overarching goal right now.” 

The swim team started practices in early February, preparing for their first meet at San Mateo High School on March 2. With time trials, relay preparation and conditioning, the swim team readied itself for a typical season.

“Some people haven’t been in the pool since last season, and we’re just getting everyone back in shape to start,” Clement said. 

Jonathan Kon, co-captain of the boys’ team, hopes to lead his team to success by prioritizing a safe environment. Empathizing with not being the fastest on a team, he wants to ensure every swimmer’s well-being by being the connection between the coaches and the rest of the swimmers. 

“I thought I could bring a new perspective as captain to help support everyone on the team,” Kon said. 

Starting off strong, all three teams — boys’ varsity, girls’ varsity and girls’ junior varsity — dominated in their first meet against San Mateo’s swim teams. 

Sophomore William Walz finished the boys’ relay with the entire team cheering him on. Burlingame trailed behind San Mateo in the final leg, but after Walz’s far dive and speedy anchor swim, the Panthers reigned victorious.  

Maryanne Maxwell, co-captain of the girls’ team, was proud of the team’s first dual-meet this season, and she emphasizes the importance of creating a safe community amongst the swimmers. Maxwell is working to integrate the club swimmers with the school swimmers to keep a secure camaraderie. 

“People shouldn’t feel as much pressure and they should just enjoy the sport,” Maxwell said. 

The season continues with daily practices and weekly meets for the swim teams.