The Red Cross club is back and better than ever


Photo courtesy of Erika Jiang

Members from last year’s Red Cross club ran a fundraising stand on Burlingame Avenue.

Athena Bostonmaer, Staff Reporter

This year, the Red Cross club, led by Erika Jiang, plans to run regular fundraising events to support the American Red Cross’s various emergency relief efforts.

Most recently, the club hosted a fundraiser at Rize Pizzeria on Oct. 12, with profits directed toward disaster relief work in areas affected by Hurricane Ian. 

After suffering from a lack of participation last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Red Cross club now has the help of many new members.

“There was such an influx of people that joined our club this year,” Jiang said. “We came from ten members to almost 40 to 50.”

Freshman Emily Meng is one of those new participants, and is already impressed by the club’s work.

“It’s a great way to give back to the community and the school, as well as create bonds with a lot of people,” Meng said. “There’s no embarrassment to have to go up and ask them to support your cause.”

The club has proved to be a helpful way for students to form connections in the community and develop skills that can be useful later on in life.

“I’ve met a lot of new people,” said Ivana Ma, another freshman member. “It’s pretty easy to contribute.”

With the help of their passionate new members and a determined president, the Red Cross club has expanded its horizons. After raising less than $200 last year, the club felt confident enough to increase this year’s goal to at least $1000.

“We’ll be able to reach our goal by next year,” Jiang said.

In addition to more fundraising, Jiang expects to host a blood drive at the Burlingame Recreation center in March of next year.

“Blood is so critical right now because we are at such a low supply,” Jiang said. “Blood drives are really important. Especially exposing our youth to do it now.”

For each of its members, Burlingame’s Red Cross club offers learning opportunities as well as connections to the world of volunteering and emergency relief.

“It’s a fun community to be a part of,” Meng said.