Adam Patheal says goodbye to Burlingame

Adam Patheal says goodbye to Burlingame

Tekla Carlen, Editor-In-Chief

Adam Patheal has been teaching physics at Burlingame for five years. Unfortunately, this will be his last. He and his wife, who teaches at San Mateo, are moving to San Diego to be closer to family.

“The students that would have been in his class will miss out on the unique method of teaching and his love for learning,” junior Erik Hotchkiss said.

Patheal says he loves physics so much that if he could not teach it, he does not think he would teach at all.

“I became a teacher because I wanted to get students excited about science. As I see that excitement around me, it pushes me to up my game,” Patheal said.

According to junior Jeemin Park, Patheal not only teaches in a way that is easy to understand, but exudes a persona of approachability.

“The feeling I get with Mr. Patheal is that he desires students to come and ask questions,” Park said. “That is the most satisfying feeling as a student.”