New year, new leadership: Burlingame Environmental Club prepares for an impactful year


Abby Knight

Seniors Sofia Husain and Kelsey McDonald, the new presidents of Burlingame Environmental Club, pose for a photo in front of the library at lunch.

Abby Knight, Staff Reporter

The Burlingame Environmental Club (BEC) plans to improve the school campus while collaborating with external organizations to maximize the club’s impact on the environment. Senior Sofia Husain, co-president of the club, has been a member since she was a freshman and is now ready to spearhead the club’s efforts to make a bigger impact on the environment.

“The purpose is to get kids involved in becoming advocates for our environment,” Husain said. “And also to educate the school and make our community more environmentally-conscious.”

In the past, the club has helped the environment by adding compost and recycling bins around campus and holding annual film festivals which educate elementary and middle schoolers on environmental issues. This fall, they plan to build on the work of previous years. 

“I think one thing that we can definitely do to improve is get kids to be more mindful of picking up their trash and then also expanding the recycling and compost,” Husain said.

Although BEC meets on campus, they also work outside of school with Sunrise Bay Area, a youth-led organization that aims to stop climate change and create sustainable jobs. Specifically, BEC collaborates with two of the Sunrise Movement’s main campaigns: “Good Jobs for All” and “We Are Wide Awake.”

“I think we’re mostly just going to be working with them, corresponding with them on getting our club to research issues and advocate for them,” Husain said.

Within school, the club meets during lunch and discusses a relevant environmental topic at each meeting.

“You’re doing good by educating yourself about the environment and learning how you can do your part to help prevent climate change,” Husain said.