New year, new leadership: Rinko Miyoshi embraces an open mind as new ASB president


Joelle Huysmans

2022-2023 ASB President Rinko Miyoshi stands in front of the leadership class’s window reflecting Burlingame High School.

Joelle Huysmans, Staff Reporter

This past August, senior Rinko Miyoshi’s family moved to Japan while she stayed in Burlingame to finish her final year of high school. Living more than 5000 miles away from her family, Miyoshi has been juggling preparing her own meals, doing her own housework, and administration — all while serving as Associated Student Body (ASB) president.

“I call my family every night,” Miyoshi said. “They are very supportive which has definitely helped me get through living by myself.”

After three years in the leadership program, Miyoshi was elected ASB president last spring. The year before, she served as treasurer in the junior class cabinet, adding to her extensive experience running the school’s student activities.

A major source of Miyoshi’s motivation as ASB president is her personal experience as a new student at Burlingame. As a freshman, many of Miyoshi’s friends had left to attend other schools, and she felt isolated. 

“I had to start from zero,” she said.

But a warm welcome from the Burlingame leadership class helped her get through the challenging year. 

“Having gone through that, I wanted to make the incoming students feel welcomed the way I was introduced to this school,” Miyoshi said.

In sophomore year, Miyoshi joined the school’s leadership program. Not only did the leadership class help Miyoshi integrate into the new school, it also offered early guidance on how she would navigate her role as president two years later.

Miyoshi was able to receive hands-on experience working with the class cabinet. She had the chance to see how ASB functioned, laying the necessary groundwork for her to lead the group.

“Leadership helped me see various perspectives because in the class everyone is sharing their ideas,” Miyoshi said. “Which comes in handy when you’re planning events and you want to make it as inclusive as possible.”

By the end of junior year, Miyoshi decided she had even greater service to offer the school.Running for ASB president seemed like the logical next step.

“Being involved with the school, I wanted to do something more,” Miyoshi said. “So I thought the next thing I could do was to help shape the school community and a way I could do that was by joining ASB.”

Miyoshi’s open-mindedness as a leader has proven beneficial in her new role. She is always open to hearing other people’s suggestions, and will work with her team to incorporate them in their school-related activities.

“When planning events, I think of everyone’s perspectives and try to make something that intrigues each and everyone of the BHS students,” Miyoshi said.

Over the course of the year, Miyoshi wants to see more spirit on campus and get more students involved in leadership’s activities. Ideas for upcoming events include more games that students can participate in during the Friday activities at lunch and frequent rallies.

“I want to make something for students to look forward to [the activity] rather than just thinking about it as another event,” Miyoshi said.