Athletic Director unveils plan for reconstruction of gym facilities; students weigh in



A rendering of the gym facilities’ renovation.

Will Kriner, Staff Reporter

For almost two years, a plan has been in motion to renovate the athletic facilities at Burlingame. Although construction won’t begin until summer break starts, the expansion and reconstruction of the gym should offer a new and exciting facility for future athletes.

“We have some of the oldest facilities in the district. Our indoor facilities are a little outdated and older,” athletic director John Philipopoulos said. “We’re getting a brand new gym. It’s going to be state-of-the-art, two stories, two gyms. There will be a nice weight room, a big mat room, and some offices downstairs. It’s going to be first class.”

The construction should have little effect on practices for outdoor sports such as soccer, cross country and tennis. Indoor sports, however, will have to rearrange their training schedules and find off-campus locations to train and compete.

“Next week, I’m going to start hunting down gym time and gym space for all of our indoor sports for next year, starting with the fall sports — volleyball — and then in the winter we’ll need basketball, and in the spring we’ll need badminton and boys’ volleyball,” Philipopoulos said.

Physical education (PE) classes will also be relocated for next school year. Portables will be put in the place of tennis courts, one where boys can change and one where the girls can change. Additionally, PE classes will be completely outdoors next school year due to the reconstruction.

Philipopoulos estimates that the reconstruction should take about two years.

“I’m expecting delays, so for me, I’m thinking probably closer to 24 months, but the project timeline is an 18 month project,” Philipopoulos said.

By that estimate, only current freshmen would have the chance to use the new facilities before graduating, whether that’s for PE, athletics or school events. Even so, students are looking forward to the project. 

“I can’t believe they’re adding a second story,” sophomore Aiden Lei said. “I hope we’re here to see it finished before we graduate.” 

Sophomore and tennis player Andy Bracy agreed.

“Hopefully, tennis won’t be affected too much by this,” Bracy said. “It sounds really useful, though, I think we could use a new gym.”