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Fast fashion companies like H&M are environmentally destructive. Instead of supporting these brands, people should refrain from the overconsumption of clothing and shop from sustainable clothing businesses.

The beneficial alternatives to fast fashion

Isabelle Idio, Staff Reporter January 5, 2021

Walking into a mall, you see the flashy signs, the big discounts and the mannequins dressed to follow the latest clothing trends. The majority of well-known clothing stores like Zara, H&M and Urban...

The current pandemic is only one consequence of human irresponsibility. Climate change, trash in the ocean and damaged habitats are among others.

Human disregard for the environment caused the pandemic

Caroline Yeow, Senior Reporter November 29, 2020

Open-air stalls line the market, boasting countless exotic animals. Some notable mentions include porcupines, baby crocodiles and beavers. Live fish slosh around in tubs of water. Blood drips from slaughtered...

On Oct. 14, seniors at Burlingame took the SAT despite most colleges going test optional.

Public schools like Burlingame are feeding into the “elitism” the SAT fosters

Allison Szetu, Design Editor November 28, 2020

Is the SAT a representation of how intelligent you really are? This is an age-old question that has long plagued the minds of high school students, parents and college admissions officers alike. While...

94-year-old naturalist David Attenborough takes a stand on climate change in his recent documentary, which can be viewed on Netflix.

Listen to the voice of nature, Attenborough’s new documentary warns

Elise Spenner, Copy Editor November 18, 2020

In a recent documentary, the voice of nature has, at long last, spoken out. It’s weathered, deep and gravelly. It’s angry, upset and frightened. But, it is simultaneously uplifting, energized and confident...

When scores, grades and numerous clubs are taken away, colleges are forced to base admission on personality and character.

Universities, forced to scale down admissions factors amid a global pandemic, might change their admissions process forever, in favor of more genuine applications

Caroline Yeow, Senior Reporter October 27, 2020

Getting carpal tunnel from long essay writing sessions at Starbucks, taking last minute SAT tests and knocking on your past teacher’s classroom door are all symptoms most high school seniors develop....

A collage of leading characters from respective A24 coming-of-age films.

A24 coming-of-age films have transformed cinema

Lexi Goldstein, Editor-In-Chief October 21, 2020

Over the past century, film production has undeniably become more advanced and viewing has increased in popularity as a pastime activity due to gained accessibility through platforms such as Netflix, Blockbuster,...

COVID-19 affects not only social life but home life, as families struggle to connect due to their close proximity.

This pandemic is not only physically straining: are we spending too much time with family?

Allison Szetu, Design Editor April 20, 2020

When news of quarantine and shelter-in-place orders first hit our community, I was not too worried by the idea of staying home. It would give me a chance to spend time with family, …. However, soon...

Links to BTV and the daily bulletin can be found on the school website.

Field trips: A high school hidden gem

Samantha Johnstone, Managing Editor February 10, 2020

On Thursday, Feb. 6, I was able to attend a half-day event at Gilead, a major biotechnology company working towards inventions of new antiviral drugs. This school-sponsored field trip was attended by a...

Photo caption: In Parasite, one of the leading Best Picture nominees, the poverty-stricken Kim family attempts to make a living by exploiting the wealthy Park family.

Academy Award for Best Picture 2020: Who deserves to win?

The Academy Awards will air tonight at 5 p.m. on ABC. For a last-minute briefing on who is up for Best Picture and how good the films actually are, The Burlingame B’s reporters have written a guide to...

Students stress about their schoolwork and their grades in their computer science class.

Grades and scores are not everything

Annie Sun, Senior Reporter December 10, 2019

The formula to get into college is to have all A’s and get the highest SAT score, right? Well, it’s more complicated than that.  At Burlingame, many students are ingrained with the notion that...

“Ok Boomer” fuels a generational war

“Ok Boomer” fuels a generational war

Nicole Fassina, Staff Reporter December 2, 2019

For so long, Baby Boomers (born 1946-1964) and Millenials (born 1997+) have been “at war” with each other, especially on issues relating to the economy, climate change, LGBTQ rights and other social...

We change historical events to complement current ideas

We change historical events to complement current ideas

Caroline Yeow, Senior Reporter October 21, 2019

History, in theory, should be absolute and impartial. It should be fact. In reality, however, history is far from unbiased.  The telling of history changes over time. It seems surprising that an event...

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