Baroque themed winter choir concert


Burlingame High School Chorus preforming Light, by Lisa Loeb and Cliff Goldmacher.

Samantha Johnstone, Webmaster

Burlingame and San Mateo put on a winter choir concert this past Thursday, Dec. 5. The theme of the concert was Baroque, from the Renaissance era in Europe. This style of music focuses on layered melodies, harmonies, and bringing out the voices of every chorister. 

Seniors Jeffery Chen and Krysten Kuniy agreed that Vivaldi’s Gloria was the most challenging song of the night. As that many of the verses and lyrics were similar, it was important for them to focus and know when to come in with the correct lyrics.

“It’s much easier to memorize modern day pop music, which we sang at our fall concert, because there are rhymes that repeat themselves allowing you to get in the rhythm of the song. But with Baroque, there’s not much repetition between each section, each section is it’s own thing,” Chen said. 

This is Chen’s first year in choir, he attended the February concert last year and was amazed by their performance, inspiring him to join. Chen learned to sing over the summer, and immersed himself in the arts, joining not only choir but the fall musical as well. 

Freshmen Mira Venugopal and Christopher Datangel are new to Burlingame choir, and thoroughly enjoying the experience of singing in front of larger audiences.

“If you make a mistake, nobody can tell because it’s such a big group” Venugopal said. Her fellow choir member, Datangel voiced his opinions as well.

“Exactly. Everybody is singing their parts at the same time, so you can’t hear individual voices. Then we all harmonize, and when we meet it creates this big sound that fills the room,” Datangel said. 

The hardest part for Burlingame Concert Choir was the songs with the chimes, Adeste Fideles, Veni Emmanuel, and Consolation. Chimes are new to the choir department, funded by the Burlingame High Parent’s Group. 

“At the start we were missing a lot of notes, and some of us really lost track,” Datangel said. 

But by working together and relying on the other members in choir, they were able to get back on track and finish the song perfectly.

From delicate chime songs to the harmonizing Light and the overpowering Hallelujah accompanied by alumni, the winter choir concert was one to remember. The February concert will be on Feb. 13, where you may discover a new passion for singing, just like Chen did.